FYNB for the retail industry

In retail, omni-channel and cognitive computing are new technologies playing leading roles in creating sophisticated and personalized experiences for customers, as well as finding efficiencies in supply chain management.



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What can the FYNB Cloud Platform do for you?

The FYNB Cloud Platform helps retail businesses get access to high-end technologies and applications that improve user experience and insights into the consumers’ behavioural patterns. A high-speedplatform and roll-out, high level of security, and fast business intelligence are crucial for introducing profitable IT services to the market – fast and at low risk.

Some of …

“Finding a business platform for approved and secured environments that enabled us to startsmall and scale fast requires a lot from a business partner. The FYNB Cloud Platform gives usthe competitive edge that we need to develop and build innovative financial services.”

Peter Heikenborn , Product Manager Risk & Compliance , Tieto Sweden


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