FYNB for the finance industry

Disruption in the financial industry calls upon traditional financial businesses to re-invent themselves on multiple levels. The business aim is, among others, to make money flows, regulatory processes and insurance offerings quicker and more efficient.


What can the FYNB Cloud Platform do for you?

It is a huge challenge for the financial industry to bet on the right services and projects. Without insight into what projects are relevant, you walk in the dark. Further, governance plays an immense role in this industry.

The FYNB Cloud Platform provides you with validated insight on the business value of each IT project. Moreover, the platform simplifies and makes all processes transparent from IT development to business intelligence.

Some of …

”With the FYNB Cloud Platform we can develop and deploy backup applications within a few minutes instead of months and speed the release of new features. Increased flexibility, faster time-to-market and easy support has helped us reach out to completely new customers.”

Magnus Thunberg, Sales & Marketing, Cristie Nordic & DACH


Download a PDF on partnerships in FinTech.