Digital Marketing journey

Delivering outstanding customer experiences is the new competitive imperative. Customers are switching between multiple channels and devices quickly. They are impatient, expect relevancy, and every journey is unique. One thing is finding a solution that connects you to the anytime, anywhere customer in real-time in a cost-effective manner. But another thing is to get a 360 degrees solution that provides you with a local partner who gives you local support and local market knowledge – whenever you need it.

FYNB Digital Marketing supports not only the customer journey, but also the CMO journey. The all-in-one platform solution bridges IT, marketing software, and consultancy in an intelligent way. FYNB Digital Marketing makes life easier for CMOs while at the same time ensuring faster and better marketing results.

What do you get?

Building on Acoustic, the world-leading digital marketing vendor, the FYNB platform:

  • Gives you access to the entire range of marketing technologies and real-time tools in a simple, fast and value-creating manner
  • Delivers the entire IT infrastructure, services, and pricing to make everything easier for you. One point of access, one subscription, all-in-one. And you only pay for what you use.
  • Holds your hand all the way. Local digital marketing experts are available for you on a daily basis to help you improve all digital marketing efforts