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We rethink the ecosystem

Do much more. Much faster.
The FYNB Ecosystem has a different approach to you as a business partner and offers you the capabilities and capacity that you cannot find elsewhere. We want you to grow, develop and become a long-term business partner in our ecosystem. Therefore, the FYNB Ecosystem is flexible, easy to onboard, and allows you to be a supplier of services or demand generator of services – or both. The choice is yours.

  • Capability: You can either give help or get help – or both. This means that you can contribute in exciting client projects with your expertise as well as be the focal point for exciting projects where you invite other business partners to contribute with the skills you do not have
  • Capacity: The ecosystem makes it possible to do much more, much faster. With FYNB Ecosystem, you have everything at your fingertips through a cloud platform. You help clients scale fast, pay as they grow, offering all the tools and knowledge in an all-in-one platform.


Your benefits

For software partners, system integrators, ISVs, influencers as well as creative agencies and digital marketing agencies, the FYNB Ecosystem offers the following benefits:

  • Capabilities: Easy access to all the skills you need to grow your client
  • Capacity: Become up and running in few months instead of 12 or 18 months
  • Freedom of choice: Give help – or get help and play a bigger role, set your own prices, manage the clients yourself
  • Skip up front investments: You need training, but you do not need to invest a large amount of money up front. Pay as you go and grow.
  • Trusted partner: Rely on FYNB as your trusted partner all the way, no matter if you give help or get help
  • New opportunities: Interact with other professionals and find new clients and new business opportunities
  • All-in-one platform: Get access to a smooth and easy platform that brings you numerous opportunities for doing much more, much faster
  • Get access to a large, Nordic ecosystem: Being a Pedab collaborator, FYNB offers business partners access to 100 business partners in the Nordics

Some of our partners:

What our partners say:

Peter Heikenborn , Product Manager Risk & Compliance , Tieto Sweden

“Finding a business platform for approved and secured environments that enabled us to startsmall and scale fast requires a lot from a business partner. The FYNB Cloud Platform gives usthe competitive edge that we need to develop and build innovative financial services.”

Jakob Lagander , Managing Director , PEDAB SWEDEN AB

“Building the Pedab AI solution, we found the FYNB Cloud Platform technology was an easy way to combine high tech skills with low risk. The platform gives us insight into what hypothesis we can prove, and in less than 3 months we have a good understanding of what customer values the most from our AI services.”

Frederik Westberg, CEO, Metricio AB

”In order to monetize our intellectual capital in process automation, we are using the FYNB Cloud Platform. We get insight into the service development and the business outcome.”

Magnus Thunberg, Sales & Marketing, Cristie Nordic & DACH

”With the FYNB Cloud Platform we can develop and deploy backup applications within a few minutes instead of months and speed the release of new features. Increased flexibility, faster time-to-market and easy support has helped us reach out to completely new customers.”