For clients

Your benefits

  • You get one cloud platform that bridges IT, business, and competences. No extra costs for consultants – in fact, you will reduce consultancy costs remarkably
  • You get one point of access. No need to administer and manage several suppliers
  • You get one pay-per-use subscription to everything. Easy to start, easy to end
  • You get all the flexibility, easiness, friendly user interface, quick response times, skill sets, needed for IT projects to materialize in the best possible way
  • You get all the governance, security, quality, upgrades, service needed to run an excellent IT development environment
  • You give line of business the speed to act as they can follow and see the immediate effect of IT projects. Profitable IT projects remain, and non-profitable IT projects can be rejected at an early stage
  • You give line of business access to and training in important business tools for everyday use. No need for myriad Excel sheets.
  • You get business solutions, e.g. analytics for CFO and marketing automation for CMO that are fully integrated in the platform
  • You can start small. No need to pay for services you do not use or do not need.

The price? You only pay for what you use!

We give any company–small, medium or large–access to all features on the FYNB Cloud Platform. With all three subscriptions, line of business has full transparency and insight into the business performance and value of any IT project. Find the subscription that fits the exact needs of your company.


Easy way to start in a community cloud

  • 100% cloud-based service
  • Basic support*
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • SLO Connect
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)


Easy way of combining exclusive platform and community cloud

  • Cloud-based and on-prem installation
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • SLO Combo
  • Start fee of 3,000 EUR
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)


Easy way to meet your specific requirements on an exclusive platform

  • On-prem service and installation
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Start fee of 3,000 EUR
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)

For all of these subscriptions, the following options are available:


– Extended support
– Enterprise support
– Extended integration

Some of our customers

What our customers say:

Frederik Westberg, CEO, Metricio AB

”In order to monetize our intellectual capital in process automation, we are using the FYNB Cloud Platform. We get insight into the service development and the business outcome.”

Jakob Lagander , Managing Director , PEDAB SWEDEN AB

“Building the Pedab AI solution, we found the FYNB Cloud Platform technology was an easy way to combine high tech skills with low risk. The platform gives us insight into what hypothesis we can prove, and in less than 3 months we have a good understanding of what customer values the most from our AI services.”

Peter Heikenborn , Product Manager Risk & Compliance , Tieto Sweden

“Finding a business platform for approved and secured environments that enabled us to startsmall and scale fast requires a lot from a business partner. The FYNB Cloud Platform gives usthe competitive edge that we need to develop and build innovative financial services.”