FYNB for the IT industry

The digital transformation opens up a great number of opportunities for the entire IT industry. However, it also requires a transformation to adapt to new business models. The high demand for innovative cloud-based services with short-term commitment for the customer and the challenge from new players in the market, poses a threat on the established IT industry.


What can the FYNB Cloud Platform do for you?

The FYNB Cloud Platform helps IT companies transform and become cloudenabling and revenue generating. The platform stores the highintellectual capital and property of a company and creates easily redeployable IT packages by junior IT resources. The FYNB Cloud Platform offers a shortcut to digital transformation –combining innovation and low risk.

Some of …

“Finding a business platform for approved and secured environments that enabled us to startsmall and scale fast requires a lot from a business partner. The FYNB Cloud Platform gives usthe competitive edge that we need to develop and build innovative financial services.”

Peter Heikenborn , Product Manager Risk & Compliance , Tieto Sweden


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