We help companies monetize the business value of IT projects.

The FYNB Cloud Platform gives you access to all the IT applications you need, provides a dashboard overview of systems and resources, and visually monetizes the business value of each IT project.


It is time to start monetizing the business value of IT

Companies lack insight into which IT projects bring value to the business. The FYNB Cloud Platform solves this problem. By gathering all IT technologies, applications and business intelligence tools in one platform, FYNB helps line of business, product owners, and development teams get a detailed view on the outcome of any IT project.

Which industry are you active in?

”With the FYNB Cloud Platform we can develop and deploy backup applications within a few minutes instead of months and speed the release of new features. Increased flexibility, faster time-to-market and easy support has helped us reach out to completely new customers.”

Magnus Thunberg, Sales & Marketing, Cristie Nordic & DACH

Oslo operahouse


Deploy, update and patch in minutes, and cut down time and resources by 75%.


Start small and scale fast. You only pay for the applications and features you use.


Simplify development processes, track IT projects and business KPIs, and get insights.


Integrate with legacy environments – fast and easy. Improve your business and your entire digitalisation journey.

Finds Your Next business is now officially is in a Market Maker role for the 360-platform marketing company Acoustic

Collaborating with marketing and explore challenges


The price? You only pay for what you use!

We give any company–small, medium or large–access to all features on the FYNB Cloud Platform. With all three subscriptions, line of business has full transparency and insight into the business performance and value of any IT project. Find the subscription that fits the exact needs of your company.


Easy way to start in a community cloud

  • 100% cloud-based service
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • SLO Connect
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)


Easy way of combining exclusive platform and community cloud

  • Cloud-based and on-prem installation
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • SLO Combo
  • Start fee of 3,000 EUR
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)


Easy way to meet your specific requirements on an exclusive platform

  • On-prem service and installation
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Start fee of 3,000 EUR
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)

For all of these subscriptions, the following options are available:


– Extended support
– Enterprise support
– Extended integration

Get a grip on the value of your IT projects

Get a quick feel on your IT projects and their business outcome. Send us a few lines and enjoy an inspiring, introductory call.

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