Finds Your Next Business is one platform for all business and IT services

The FYNB Cloud Platform is a decision-making solution, bridging the software services, infrastructure services, and consultancy services you need to run any marketing, analytics or IT development project as smooth and cost-efficient as possible.

The FYNB Cloud Platform helps you get most value of your digital transformation journey by offering fully managed services. You get one point of access, one pay-per-use subscription and all the flexibility, easiness, friendly userness, and skillsets needed for IT projects to materialize in the best possible way.


Deploy, update and patch in minutes, and cut down time and resources by 75%.


Start small and scale fast. You only pay for the applications and features you use.


Simplify development processes, track IT projects and business KPIs, and get insights.


Integrate with legacy environments – fast and easy. Improve your business and your entire digitalisation journey.

What makes the FYNB Cloud Platform different?

You get one cloud platform that bridges IT, business, and competences. No extra costs for consultants – in fact, you will reduce consultancy costs remarkably

You get one point of access. No need to administer and manage several suppliers

You get one pay-per-use subscription to everything. Easy to start, easy to end

You get all the flexibility, easiness, friendly user interface, quick response times, skill sets, needed for IT projects to materialize in the best possible way

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Latest news:

Finds Your Next Business now officially has a market maker role for the AI-powered marketing automation platform Acoustic

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