Line of business lacks insight

Too many IT projects fail. Why? Overall, it is fair to say that companies spend too much time on IT planning, and too little on capitalizing on IT. Clear business objectives and involvement of the different stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle is crucial. Line of business lacks insight into how well IT projects are performing according to KPIs and metrics, e.g. how well a new internal business process has been received by users, or how many external customers buys a new service.

Start capitalizing on IT

The FYNB Cloud Platform combines technologies, insights and skills incompletely new ways. The result is a platform that both represents a new way of testing and scaling IT services using less resources, as well as an efficient way of monetizing the business value of any IT project–be it internal or external.

  • The FYNB Cloud Platform is a decision-making service, helping line of business to focus on profitable IT projects and rejecting non-profitable IT projects at an early stage.
  • The FYNB Cloud Platform offers full flexibility, a pay-per-use model, governance around projects, and full monitoring of the services.
  • The FYNB Cloud Platform offers all the cloud features at home-with no restrictions

All-in-one platform

The FYNB Cloud Platform gives access to:

  • State-of-the-art technologies, applications and integration services
  • Business intelligence services

The FYNBCloudPlatform offers:

  • Transparency between IT projects and business value metrics
  • Flexible terms, flexible contracts, and flexible payment
  • Pre-release of your new IT service
  • Ecosystem of competent partners


Define the purpose

Where do you begin? These simple steps summarize how to start a successful process. We help you define your purpose and value drivers, and provide the skills and the results.


The price? You only pay for what you use!

We give any company–small, medium or large–access to all features on the FYNB Cloud Platform. With all three subscriptions, line of business has full transparency and insight into the business performance and value of any IT project. Find the subscription that fits the exact needs of your company.


Easy way to start in a community cloud

  • 100% cloud-based service
  • Basic support*
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • SLO Connect
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)


Easy way of combining exclusive platform and community cloud

  • Cloud-based and on-prem installation
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • SLO Combo
  • Start fee of 3,000 EUR
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)


Easy way to meet your specific requirements on an exclusive platform

  • On-prem service and installation
  • Basic support
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Start fee of 3,000 EUR
  • Pay-as-you-go (based on usage, licenses, applications, SLO, and support)

For all of these subscriptions, the following options are available:


– Extended support as an option
– Enterprise support as an option
– Extended integration as an option
– For on-site service travel and accomodation may be additionally charged

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